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SightlessKombat: Consultancy Services

My work as an accessibility consultant ranges far and wide, from product reviews to studio visits, as well as discussions with everyone from single person indie developers to triple A publishers. Additionally, I've spoken at conferences and events around the globe to promote something I truly believe in and am passionate about, that gaming should be accessible to all including, of course, gamers without sight like myself.

What I Offer

I offer the following services, with both in-person and remote options available. (Please note that this list is not exhaustive and I am happy to discuss any other services you may require as part of your projects):

I'm Interested. What Now?

If you'd like to employ my services on current and/or future projects, or even just discuss the possibilities, Contact me to get the dialogue started. I look forward to working with you and pushing the boundaries of game accessibility ever further.

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